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Most writers say it, but I have loved books all my life and although I had written my own books from a young age, it took me a long time to finally share my stories with people.

Once I took that leap however, I never looked back.

I was born in South London, England, the eldest of five independent and boisterous siblings who can find themselves manifested in the characters I create - both good and bad - and it is from those days spent climbing trees or playing on the block with family and friends that my stories were born.

In 2020, at age 32, I self-published the story I'd been writing since I was 17. I knew nothing of the self-publishing space but with some encouragement from my partner and family, I dove in head first and The Antonides Legacy was finally free.

During the unprecedented global pandemic that followed, I wrote three more levels that have finally led me here, engaging with all of you.

Wherever you begin your journey with me - CharliAuthor - thank you for being here. Welcome to my worlds, full of  intense romances, scandalous betrayals and action that feature characters who are unapologetically diverse, beautifully honest and wonderfully flawed - a little bit like me.

The EverVerse

Did I enjoy it? Yes I did! Do I recommend it? Yep.
Would I read a sequel? Already got it. Would I read it again? Yes.

Kindle Reader,
Wolves of Duty

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