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The EverVerse

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Wolves of Honour
Genesis of Dragons
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Shadow Seer

Shadow Seer cover

Kidnapped by the Dark Emperor at 12 years old, Sanaa has lived the last decade as his captive. Forced to use her powers of premonition to help him conquer surrounding nations, Sanaa lives within a gilded cage filled with guilt for the part she plays in his reign of terror. However a slither of hope remains: the emperor's shadow wielding son, Prince Amir.

Plagued by thoughts of the prince who once saved her life, Sanaa fights her growing - and unrequited - feelings for Amir, knowing he helped destroy her home and countless others. When Amir is unexpectedly assigned to guard Sanaa, the captive and the prince are forced to face their opposing prejudices, blurring the lines of their relationship forever.

Can Amir be free of his father while falling for a woman forbidden to him?
Can Sanaa avoid falling for her captor or will Amir's darkness be her undoing?

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