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A Game of Thrones | Review

Overall: 5

Characters: 5

Humour: 3

Smut: 3

Plot: 5


I've read A Game of Thrones once before but never written a review so here we go!

As one of those people who watched the show before reading the books, I was blown away by how faithful the show was to the books. Every scene, dialogue, edit was lifted so expertly that it felt like watching the show all over again.

Aside from that, I enjoyed the multiple POVs because they showcased the appropriate views of the land and everything that took place and everything felt necessary. To control all the pieces on this board takes such skill and I am in awe of the Godfather of Fantasy, George R. R. Martin.

Now, as much as I love her, the sexual nature of Daenerys’ POVs was a tad worrying since she's 13/14 in the books. There was always such heavy reference on her relations with Drogo and her lady bits. It was all too much and felt icky for lack of a better word.

Most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it.

In addition, save Arya and Daenerys, the women/girls in this are all a bit lacking. Sansa is a naïve little turd. Catelyn is a prideful prude. Lysa Arryn is a maniacal weakling. The only striking woman is Cersei and even she’s a manipulative bitch. So yeah, the women stressed me.

The men aren't much better to be fair. Ned stressed me, Robb is too rash, Jon is a moody little shit and Joffrey is well... Joffrey.

I truly loved this though, especially on audio. There was always something in each chapter that made everything fulfilling.


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