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Empire of the Vampire | Review

Overall: 5

Characters: 5

Humour: 4

Smut: 4.5

Plot: 4.5

If we spend all our lives in darkness, is it any wonder when darkness starts to live in us?

From the sharp wit and complete disregard for all sense of propriety from Gabriel to the richly built world and gruesome vampiric inhabits, Empire of the Vampire is an amazing read!

This book primarily is beautifully written even with the adult language!

It's a collection of thought provoking quotes that raises valid questions about faith and religion. Journeying with Gabriel was a complete adventure if not only for the window into the mind if this soft hearted demon killer whose vendetta after 700 pages still isn't complete. There is so much to unravel/learn about the world that has shaped Gabriel and its exciting to read a story that tackles real emotion born from very real and terrifying places. Its real in its gritty narrative and Gabriel’s relationships and the way people move in certain environments.

I expected a lot more hard hitting death scenes, considering this is JK lol but now that I've put it down, I'm quite happy I was saved any true heartbreak! Excited for the wait to ending Gabe’s story.

Astrid was just as fierce a scholar as I was a swordsman. A girl who wielded books like blades.

I love the presence of strong women like Astrid and Chloe as well as the range of characters in the initial band of merry men as it were. There are endless quote worthy sentences that will probably be tattooed over people in the coming months but its all very much worth it.

My only concern was the similarity of plot to another well known book. While the introduction of vampires to the setting is a new take, the idea of what the Holy Grail is, isn't.

That being said, I am excited to finish it and see how two timeless plot themes will mesh together and create another epic series akin to Kristoff's previous work!


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