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A Fate Inked in Blood | Review

Overall - 3.5

Characters - 3

Humour - 4

Smut - 4

Plot 3


I really enjoyed A Fate Inked in Blood! Very easy read with likeable enough characters and a hot MMC so this will be fun!

I will be at your back until I cross the threshold to Valhalla, Born-in-Fire, whether you want me there or not.

I was invested the whole way through but it gets mid marks cause it was almost too easy. Very predictable stuff but with the right edge of profanity and smut, I really dug it.

Freya is born with a drop of blood given to her by the Gods at birth. This can happen to anyone from various gods which was a cool concept but Freya's gift is hidden because a prophecy says her magic will be used to make someone king of their lands.

When her magic is discovered, she is taken by the man who wants to use her to be king along with his hot son, Bjorn. The books is basically Freya trying not to jump Bjorn's bones or pop of at the mouth when she has no business doing so!

This books is hilarious. Its not meant to be this funny of course but I really enjoyed Freya's instalust. It made for some great reading and serious chuckles on my part. Bjorn was a great MMC and was carrying a lot of the scenes on his shoulders but the overall worldbuilding as a great addition and I'd be excited to get back to this world in its sequel.

As mentioned, a lot of the reveals were expected but as I don't think this was trying to be deeper then it needed to be, this worked well enough for me.

The smut was amazing in my opinion. a bit of delayed gratification at the start but the teasers and then final boink fest was well worth the wait!

Definitely pick this one up for something easy going and if you don't expect too much, you might even have a lot more fun than I did lol


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