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Indie April

Indie April is the month during which we celebrate and highlight independent authors in all their glorious forms. Self publishing is a difficult space to navigate so it's a great time when we can all come together and support our fellow indies on their journey.

As such, I posted on my Threads that I would be making a post about indie authors and their work. I received such a great response from people (I mean, who doesn't like a little promotion) so here is a list of authors and books you may find interesting.

I've purposely not grouped them in any particular order so you have to go through all to find something. You never know what might pop up!

Thank you to all who submitted their books and novels, they look incredible!

Note: You can click through the images and if any covers take your fancy, then check out the title which is hyperlinked below.

Operation Wildcat by Megan Michelau

Cherry Bomb by Megan Michelau

Unbearable by Megan Michelau

Red: A Dandelion Anthology by Various Authors

Unmasking the Curse by Chelle Cypress

The Arid Lands by Kate Kelly

The Sharp Edge of Fate by T. F. Johnson

Someday Away by Sara Elisabeth

Dangerously in Love by Aaliyah Deana

Indomitable by Guy Robin

Of Myth and Men by Francesco A. Coscarella

Friends with Death by James Wright

Now, I wouldn't be a true indie if I didn't drop some self promo in here so make sure to check out Wolves of Duty and its concluding sequel, Wolves of Honour. Available as paperback and hardback as well as ebook/Kindle Unlimited.


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